Short Term Finance,
Fast and Easy.

short term finance

Get finance today, no mucking around!

When you need Short Term Finance you usually need it urgently and hassle free. If you end up with the wrong lender, it can prove to be more hassle than its worth.

So how do you know who the right lender is? Use the following list:

  1. The lender can settle within your required time frame. This is usually within days not weeks, definitely not months.
  2. One who is reputable in the industry and is not here today and gone tomorrow.
  3. One who has funds readily available for your loan.
  4. One who is competitive on their rates and are not predatory lenders.

What can you use Short Term Finance for?

You can use the loan funds for various purposes, typical purposes include:

  • Business cash flow;
  • Tax debts;
  • Renovations;
  • Business purchase;
  • Personal matters;
  • Development;
  • Other purposes.

Short term finance lenders will usually lend between 65% to 75% of the property value depending on the security available. Loan terms are between 1 to 12 months depending on your situation.

Easy Settle Finance is a reputable Short Term Finance provider and can provide a quick loan, hassle free. We have been in the industry for over half a decade and know the complete ins and outs of providing fast short term loans. Call us now on 1300 730 267 to discuss your Financing today. Or complete our Quick Enquiry form and we’ll call you back shortly.

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