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Why choose Easy Settle Finance

Non-Bank Mortgages – what’s it all about?

Sometimes the Banks simply can’t help, that’s where we come into the picture. Providing strategic funding solutions in the private lending sector, Easy Settle Finance is a diversified Australian finance company. The loans are funded by either our own funds or directly from our exclusive private investors.

Easy Settle Finance is a provider and facilitator of Private First Mortgages, Private Second Mortgages, Caveat Loans and Short Term Funding Solutions.

At Easy Settle Finance our experienced team can provide tailored funding solutions to suit yours or your client’s needs. If the banks have said no, our team can assist, or, if you are just looking for a home loan without the red tape and on-going fees our team can tailor a solution to suit you.

How does it work?

Step 1. Contact us and get an instant answer.
Step 2. Complete our application and send supporting documents.
Step 3. Accept loan offer.
Step 4. Valuation or inspection of the security property.
Step 5. Loan Documents signed.
Step 6. Settlement.

What loan purposes are okay?

The loan can be for Business or Consumer purposes. We can assist with both.

Who can we help?

Both Borrowers and Brokers are welcome from all states.

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Responsible Lending

We practice Responsible Lending and for consumer loans we hold ASIC Credit licence (#388794) and hold a membership with the Credit Ombudsman Services Limited (www.cosl.com.au).