Your lending options with Easy Settle FInance

Whether you are purchasing a new home, your first home, investment property or refinancing your existing home or investment loan for a better rate or to access your equity EasySettle can help. EasySettle Finance facilitates a wide range of competitive residential and investment mortgage products through our network of accredited mortgage lenders, banks and finance professionals. EasySettle Finance can tailor a wide variety of choices that enable you to choose the most suitable finance option for your needs. At EasySettle you can borrow up to 90% of the value of your property (excluding LoDoc Loans).

Terms Loan

A Terms Loan is usually structured to suit your needs and can be ideal for first home buyers to the more experienced property investors. With no ongoing fees, full internet banking and redraw, this product offers the essentials of a term loan with no fuss. Let us beat the bank and show you a true borrowing alternative.

Line of Credit

A Line of Credit product is tailored to your needs to allow you to take a flexible approach to your finances. The interest on the amount you owe is calculated on a daily basis, so by withdrawing money only when necessary you’ll pay less interest. It’s a great way to make your money work harder and pay off your loan sooner. Work smarter and make your money work harder.

Lo Doc Loan

Self employed applicants can borrow between 60 to 80% of the value of their property by signing a declaration of income and providing evidence of income. Let us tailor a Lo Doc loan to suit your needs today.

Construction Loan

Build your dream home today. Make the construction of your dream home a reality with a Construction Loan from EasySettle Finance. When the home is complete you also have the option of changing your loan to another product, for example a Line of Credit Loan. A construction loan has the same features as the terms loan however rather than drawing down the entire loan amount at settlement, the loan is drawn down in stages with each draw down usually coinciding with the number of key construction stages. Borrowers are only required to pay interest on the amount that is drawn down.