The Benefits Of Short Term Financing

A common problem with businesses, especially startups and those in early to mid-stage development is the need for short term financing. These boosts can often be the defining factor in allowing a business to stabilise growth and be financially sound.

Why receive short term financing from a private lender?

Businesses that need short term financing usually need it fast, and with minimal headaches. For this reason, we provide short term financing solutions that allow your business to enjoy the benefits of a cash boost with as little hassle as possible. The approval process is fast and can be done over the phone in a heartbeat, as opposed to more unwieldy processes employed by banks and other large financial bodies, which is a common problem when seeking short term financing.

What are examples of short term financing?

Short term financing can come in many forms, depending on the particulars of your business, how much financing you need, and how short term you want it to be.

You may choose to take a second mortgage for example, which is a common move by many businesses and property developers. The benefits of this short term financing solution include speed as well as a competative interest rate. It can be done quickly and efficiently, and immediately free up a lot of money for your business. Paying back the mortgage is designed to be tailoured to your needs, as we understand the importance of keeping the pressure off your business while it tries to achieve it’s goals.

What can short term financing do for your business?

Businesses in early to medium stages of growth including initial startups and small/medium enterprises often need capital to fund critical growth milestones. Alternatively, your business may simply need a short term financing boost to free up cash flow and allow internal processes to continue to run properly. When encountering these important situations, be it planned or unplanned, businesses often need to set short term milestones as well as secure short term financing to provide the needed growth.

It is also highly preferable for your business to take up short term financing to keep as much pressure off your business’ finances as possible. Larger institutions such as banks take to long and are likely to impose restrictions on your business, which effects continued stability.

For these reasons, we have a range of short term financing solutions for any type of business, as well as a range tailored specially for property investors and developers. This includes products such as second mortgages and caveat loans. This way, you can sit back and rest assured that your project or business can move forward with our short term financing support in a predictable and secure way.

Easy Settle is a leading provider of short term financing for a good reason – we beat the banks and bigger players by giving your business something it needs in a short term. With our extensive network of private lenders and large range of options, we truly are the place to go for all your short term financing needs.