Short term finance is becoming increasingly attractive to Australian borrowers

Short of funds? Short term financing from Easy Settle Finance can help

If you are short of funds and are looking for a quick and easy source of cash, you may want to consider short term finance. With short term finance, you can get loans which are payable within a time period of a few months to a few years. Short term financing is easy to obtain because it is designed for those who have difficulty finding regular loans because of a bad credit rating.

Even if you have good credit, Australia’s banks are becoming increasingly selective when it comes to loaning out money. Even people with good credit sometimes use short term finance because it’s much easier to obtain. Australia’s central bank chairman Glenn Stevens announced on August 26, 2011 that the Reserve Bank of Australia will not be cutting interest rates as other central banks have. Interest rates in Australia remain high and loans are difficult to obtain for someone with less than perfect credit.

What types of short term financing are available?

There are several types of short term financing available. Some of the most popular are cavet loans, second mortgage loans and  line of credits. Each of this short term finance options have different features and benefits so you have to know which short term finance option would meet your needs. In general, short term loans are asset-secured so they come with higher interest rates and repayment terms.

There are financiers who offer short term finance online. When considering using short term finance to cover expenses, be sure to carefully examine the terms of the loan. When you find the conditions acceptable, you may submit an easy online application to see if you qualify.
Finding the right lending institution is the hardest part of getting short term financing. But once you find a good short term finance provider, the application is easy to fill out and you should get a decision quickly. The lender will require you to provide information such as your personal details, details of the underlying asset security, how your proposed exit strategy. Once the short term finance provider verifies that all the information you gave them was accurate, the money you require will be made available.

Short term finance done quickly!

One of the nicest features of getting short term finance online is that you can have the funds transferred right to your bank account within 24 hours. Once your application for short term finance has been approved, your money will be available immediately. The process of getting short term finance is safe and hassle free.

You can also use short term finance to build up your credit score. Short term finance is designed for fast and easy credit repair. By paying back the money borrowed, you increase your credit rating and become eligible for more loans. You will often get instant approval the next time you require short term finance and will be eligible for larger loan amounts as well.