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When to Outsource Your Business Accounting

When to Outsource Your Business AccountingEvery business owner understands the importance of maintaining accuracy in business accounts and payroll administration. And yet some organisations, especially small businesses, take risks when it comes to their accounting practices by doing their own business accounting. These are some indications that you should consider outsourcing your business accounting.

1. Losing vital time to accounting work

Some business owners who do their own accounts and payroll find that they are losing valuable time that could be better spent on growing their business. While some business owners are trained in accounting, others lack the core skills to ensure that their reports and records are done properly.

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Preparing for the 2014 End of Financial Year

Preparing for the 2014 End of Financial YearAs the end of the financial year approaches, there is always the temptation to leave your tax return until the last minute. This year, commit to starting early so that you will have plenty of time to prepare your return and look into how you can take advantage of the tax breaks that you are eligible for. These strategies could help you minimise your tax bill this financial year.

1. Individuals and superannuation

There are many ways you could potentially reduce your tax bill or maximise your returns. Explore your options relating to super, work expenses, medical costs and insurance. Keep in mind that timing is essential.

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Financial News: No More Signing

Financial News: No More SigningNew financial changes will affect the way people make payments by credit and debit cards. While signatures were once essential for credit card payments, by 1 August 2014, PINs will be mandatory for most transactions. These changes are aimed at making credit card payments more secure and convenient.

Changes introduced for more security

The changes have been introduced by the Industry Security Initiative, which is a collective of major financial institutions and card schemes in Australia. A PIN transaction is considered to be safer than a signature-based transaction, because your signature can be easily forged in the event that your credit card is stolen.

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Teaching Your Kids How to Save Money

Teaching Your Kids How to Save MoneySaving money is an indispensable skill that can be taught to children as young as toddlers. Young kids can be taught how to save money as long as the lessons are delivered in a fun and engaging way. These strategies offer insights into making money-saving lessons fun and rewarding for kids of all ages.

Bartering for younger kids

Teach younger kids such as toddlers about money by using paper coupons. Award them paper coupons for good behaviour. These coupons can be used to trade for favourites such as TV shows and other fun activities. Once they’re older, they’ll be able to understand the concept of money.

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How to Protect Your Financial Identity

How to Protect Your Financial IdentityAccording to the Veda Australian Debt Study of March 2012, around one in five Australians have encountered some type of identity theft. Identify theft can be costly for the victim and time consuming to deal with. Learning to protect your financial identify to reduce the risk of identity theft happening to you.

Types of identity theft and fraud

Identity theft or fraud occurs if a third party uses your personal information to participate in fraud. They can use this information to make purchases, apply for loans, or commit some other type of financial fraud. One common type of fraud is when a third party uses your credit card to make unauthorised purchases. Another is when they steal your personal information to apply for a loan.

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Tips for Building Your Dream Home

Constructing your dream home from scratch can be one of the most complicated yet fulfilling projects you’ll ever undertake. You’ll need to determine your budget, finalise designs and explore financing options to cover your costs. These tips offer some useful pointers for the process.

Determine your budget

Work out how much you will need to spend for your new home. Some of the things to factor into the initial cost estimate is the cost of the land, building costs, landscaping costs, material costs, architectural costs, and fixtures and fittings.

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Tips for Refinancing Your Loan

Tips for Refinancing Your LoanRefinancing a loan can pave the way to lower interest rates and let you streamline the management of your debt. Whether it’s for debt consolidation or to obtain a better deal, refinancing offers many benefits for borrowers. However, you should check that refinancing will indeed provide you with the benefits you’re looking for before signing on the dotted line.

When to refinance

These are some of the benefits of refinancing a loan, including home loans:

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How to Create a Successful Budget

A budget is a plan for spending and saving. Without a budget, you’ll find it much harder to pay off debt, save for new purchases or for retirement, or achieve your financial goals. A successful budget involves the creation of a realistic plan for your money and regular reviewing and adjustments.

Track your spending for a month

Many people want to budget effectively but don’t know where to start. Tracking your spending for at least one month is a good starting point for creating a workable and realistic budget. By knowing exactly how you’re spending money, you can make better choices for your budget plan.

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Car Finance Tips

Buying a new car is a major purchase, so careful research and planning is essential. To get a good deal on your car loan, start by identifying how much you want to spend and exploring the various types of financing options available.

Determine budget range

Start by determining the budget range for your purchase. Consider the type and model of car you’re planning to buy. You should also estimate the annual running costs to determine affordability. Running costs include fuel, maintenance and servicing expenses. Compare these costs against your current income and you will have a good idea of how much you will need to borrow.

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A Guide to Debt Consolidation

If you’re struggling to pay off your debt, one viable option to consider is debt consolidation. Debt consolidation can help you save more on interest repayments, and it can make your debts and repayments more manageable. However, it’s important to first understand what’s involved and whether it is right for your financial situation.

Debt consolidation defined

Debt consolidation involves rolling or combining all of your current debts into a single loan. There are different ways to consolidate debt. For example, a borrower with two credit card balances could choose a balance transfer to consolidate the two debts on to one card, or a homeowner with personal debt and credit card debt could refinance their mortgage to consolidate all their debt.

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