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  • Private
    Mortgage Products

    Private Mortgage Products
    We can facilitate a loan if you have a bad credit history or are unable to sastisfy the high requirements of a traditional bank loan. We can also do it very quickly and without the traditional red tape.
  • Second
    Mortgage Loans

    Second Mortgage Loans
    Ideal for short term, business loans, bridging finance or renovations; second mortgages can be used to gain a fast injection of funds to suit your needs. Learn more about second mortgages.
  • Short Term

    Short TermFinance
    When you need Short Term Finance you usually need it urgently and hassle free. If you end up with the wrong lender, it can prove to be more hassle than its worth. Find the right lender!
  • Investors
    & Becoming a Lender

    Investors& Becoming a Lender
    Discover how you can become a private lender and earn up to 10.25% p.a. on your investment. Minimum investment of $20,000 with first or second mortgage options available.

Private Loans, Finance and Investment Made Easy! Easy Settle Finance makes borrowing money so easy!

Easy Settle Finance is your non-bank alternate. We specialize in providing Private mortgages, Second mortgages and Short Term Funding Australia-wide. Our aim is to simplify the borrowing process from start to finish giving you more time to take care of business and our experienced team has a track record of successfully tailoring loan products to suit our client's needs.